Is your organization agile enough to adapt to change quickly?

Stop applying patches.
Reinvent your organization for the 21st century.

Increase your ability to rapidly sense and respond to change


We’ll help you create an environment that allows people to transform into highly performing contributors and motivated change agents. We’ll challenge your existing processes, structure, and governance model to create an agile culture. You’ll be able to leverage your employees’ intrinsic motivation and natural intellectual abilities to build highly motivated teams.

What we do

Agile organizational diagnosis

The organizational diagnosis is much more than a simple SWOT analysis. Rather than guessing which levers to pull to get the results you want, the diagnostic will help understand the underlying factors that affect performance. We’ll identify problem areas and opportunities by analysing four domains: Governance + Strategy, Structure + Processes, People + Skills, and Technology + Tools.

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Scaling and transforming for organizational agility


Scaling team agility and transforming the organizational culture and mindset requires more than the knowledge of an agile methodology. It requires a deep understanding of business operations and of people behaviours. We’ll guide you through not only the obstacles, but also the opportunities, and allow you to identify and grow the capabilities in-house.

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Coaching executive teams

Executive team coaching involves providing the support, the tools and a framework for leaders to reinvent the DNA of their organization. Like a sherpa who guides and supports the expedition of a group of climbers who wish to climb the heights of the Himalayas, our role is to prepare the route, provide the tools and avoid the traps associated with an organizational agile transformation.

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Modernizing your management practices and implementing self-organizing teams


All around us, small teams of motivated individuals are bringing about important changes. Because of limited understanding, organizations aren’t taking advantage of the power of small dedicated teams. We’ll accelerate the adoption of agile behaviours in order to create fulfilled and highly performing teams throughout your organization.

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Implement better ways of working


Changing employees’ and leaders’ mindsets, behaviours and practices allow organizations to increase their level of agility. As a consequence, organizations are better able to quickly adapt to rapidly changing situations.

Who we are

Since 2012, Audacium has been advising executives from organizations of all sizes on optimal strategies and activities to reinvent their organization for the 21st century.

Our interventions are part of your daily activities. Our intention is not to add an additional project to your plate! We use your current challenges to discover new opportunities and gradually reinvent the functioning of your organization.

By quickly making sense of the complexity of conventional organizations and altering the factors that prevent them from adapting quickly, we help leaders take their organizational agility to the next level.

Don’t let bureaucracy and silos limit your capacity to respond


Adopting agile mindsets, behaviours and practices, allows organizations to break down silos, eliminate toxic behaviours, obliterate bureaucracy and top-down « command-and-control » hierarchies.

The issues we frequently encounter

Our clients wanted less

Our clients wanted more

people acting as subordinate and waiting to be told what to do people taking initiative and being accountable of results
priorities being determined based on those who make the most noise decisions to be taken based on business impact
dreadful and inefficient meetings creative value-added meetings
reliance on the managers to make all decisions autonomous teams trusted to make the right decisions
long delays between opportunities, decisions and resulting actions fast reaction to customer changing needs
status quo and blind acceptance of inefficient rules innovation and continuous improvement
lengthy planning processes, analysis-paralysis and punishing errors experimentation, safe-to-fail environment and rapid learning organization
constant politics and turf war collaboration and focus on common goals
bureaucracy and outdated processes no nonsense efficient work processes
silos and secrecy collaboration and radical conversations
time managing people’s ego people being authentic and motivated at work

Some of the clients we worked with

We work with audacious change makers who wish to challenge the status quo.
We support executives and their teams to scale their organizational agility 
and implement modern ways of working adapted to the 21st century.

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