About Audacium

Increasing organizational agility by changing mindsets, behaviours and practices.

Autonomy leads to higher engagement and increased performance

Unlike houseplants and pets, we believe adults in the workplace do not need someone to make decisions for them. By giving people the autonomy and the support they need, employees can deliver exceptional results. Unfortunately, in conventional organizations structures, standardized business processes and traditional management practices significantly reduce employee motivation, which in turn has a negative impact on performance, motivation and innovation.

Martin Proulx
Martin ProulxExecutive Advisor and Agile Organizational Coach

Reinventing organizations for the 21st century.

I help leaders accelerate their transformation towards increased business agility by offering strategic advice or leading the transformation initiative.

I help create inspiring work environments. By helping organizations transform, they can fully exploit the capabilities and motivation of their employees.

A few years ago, I was no longer satisfied working for organizations that did not adapt to their changing environment. In 2008, I discovered the benefits of organizational agility. Since then, I have helped organizations create environments where the motivation of modern employees can emerge and become the source of exceptional performance.

Based on my use of words like motivation, commitment and performance, you might imagine that I am an expert in organizational development, change management, agile practices or human resources management.

Unfortunately, that would only be part of the truth! As a former business executive and experienced leader, I am a transformation accelerator for organizations that want to build an agile culture.

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